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Getting Your Building Ready for Office Furniture Removal

There are many things to think about when selling your pre-owned office furniture, especially when it comes to the office building that it’s located in.

Landlord-You want to make sure that you first contact your landlord or property manager and let them know that you are planning to remove your office furniture from the building and ask them what the requirements are if any.

Certificate of Insurance or COI-Your landlord will most likely require the labor company that is removing the furniture to provide insurance based on their COI requirements.

Elevators-Your property manager will most-likely need to reserve the elevators, making it easier for the removal.

Floor & Wall Protection-Some commercial buildings will require you to protect the floors and walls so that they do not get damaged during the removal of the office furniture.

Hours for Removal-Most commercial properties only allow removal of office furniture before or after business hours so that it doesn’t disturb any of the other tenants, however the disassembly can be done during normal working hours.

Power-If workstations have power that is connected to the building, you will have to have a licensed electrician to come out and “safe off” the power so that the labor crews can safely remove the furniture.

Union or Non-Union-You need to know if your building is a Union or Non-Union building. You can find this out from your landlord. This information is important to communicate to the buyer.

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