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Workstation Components

Workstation Components Defined  Get a better understanding of the features to consider when buying and selling used office furniture. This is a simple guide to

Workstation Electrical

Workstation Electrical Explained Power Entry Locations Something for BUYERS and SELLERS to be aware of is the electrical power specification, locations of entry from the

Workstation Planning Guide

Workstation Dimensions Defined Example: 8X6 The overall dimensions of a workstation are defined by the SPINE panel 1st. Then the RETURN panel. The “8X6” means

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The Very Firsts: Office Desks

The Very Firsts: Office Desk Edition (More Interesting Than it Sounds) Taylor Susewitz, Last Modified on December 30, 2021 It’s safe to say that desks,

All About Aerons

Everyone knows what a Herman Miller Aeron chair is, or at least you would know one if you saw one! I must admit, it’s a

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Circular Design @IDEO

The next big thing is circular design. A new mind-set for business is emerging. It’s worth around a trillion dollars, will drive innovation in tomorrow’s

What is a Circular Economy?

Circular economy refers to a model in which economic growth does not go hand in hand with the exploitation and consumption of natural, non-renewable resources.