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Workstation Electrical Explained

Power Entry Locations

Something for BUYERS and SELLERS to be aware of is the electrical power specification, locations of entry from the building and who does what making the connections and disconnections in furniture and to the building. There are several large companies that have workstations installed on RAISED FLOORS.

These floor systems include power and data within the floor tiles, located under each position. If this is the CONDITION of the workstations that means there is no power included and will be an added cost for BUYERS to consider, Unless they’re going to be installed on another raided floor, all other workstations have electrical receptacles integrated in the panels, beams and under the work surfaces of benching workstations.

Workstation power options

POWER RECEPTACLES locations are most commonly located in the SPINE panel at the BASE COVER. The RETURN PANEL may have power but has been a feature that is usually “value engineered” to save cost. This is a consideration for BUYERS when planning to modify the workstation to work for your office. There may be added costs for new electrical parts to complete your workstation layout.

BELT LINE POWER can be located both above and/or below the work surface depending on the furniture brand. Since HAT’s (Height Adjustable Tables) have been popularized BELT LINE POWER DOES NOT work well with the up and down movement of the HAT. The problem with BELT LINE POWER and Height Adjustable Table is of course interference with the cords plugged in to the receptacles. The best product feature for Height Adjustable Tables in clamp mounted fixture called a POWER TAP or DESK TOP POWER MODULE.


Convenient power for your height adjustable table

What else you’ll need to know

POWER POLES are commonly used to provide electrical and data service to workstations that are designed to float in the middle of the work space floor. POWER POLES or CEILING FEEDS can be an external FREESTANDING POWER POLE to provide power and data to benches and other styles of workstations. Most commonly designs by major furniture manufactures are integrated into the top of the panels shown in the example above. INTEGRATED POWER POLES are deigned specifically for that furniture brand and series of workstation. They are NOT ADAPTABLE to other furniture brands.

BUYERS must also consider the height of their ceiling in the office where workstations will be installed and the height of the POWER POLE included with the workstation inventory.


BASE POWER-IN FEEDS or BASE FEEDS also refereed to by electricians as WHIPS come new from the manufacture in 6′ lengths. There are some manufactures that have longer BASE FEEDS available, but the thing the BUYER must consider is the existing length of the BASE FEED as some have been cut to a custom length that may not work for some conditions in their office building.

Who Does What?

Furniture electrical systems are designed with internal snap fit connections. The FURNITURE INSTALLER is responsible for putting them together at the cost of the BUYER. Every type of furniture power feed is installed from the furniture to the building by a licensed ELECTRICIAN.

The power feeds must be scheduled to be DISCONNECTED from the building before removal. This is cost to the SELLER. The power must also be RECONNECTED from the furniture to the building by a licensed ELECTRICIAN at the cost of the BUYER.

We know power

You can increase the value of your workstations by 30% or more. In fact most BUYERS will only consider an inventory of workstations with an accurate AS-BUILT DRAWING. If your workstations have been knocked down, the value of is now little if any without and AS-BUILT drawing and a accurate inventory. The good news is you can hire CLEAROFFICE to CERTIFY your workstations. We can update your current layout by providing us with a the AUTO CAD file of your current AS-BUILT DRAWING.


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