The Magic of Green: How This Color Induces Productivity in the Workplace
Taylor Susewitz, 2022

The Magic of Green: How This Color Induces Productivity in the Workplace

Green is said to be a color associated with nature, environmental friendliness, productivity, luck, and even intelligence. As a resident of Oregon, the presence of green is everywhere, and arguably helps us get through the months of gloom.

Personally, I associate the month of March with the color green. 

Maybe it’s because of St. Patrick’s Day landing in mid-March or the beginning of Spring making its debut on the 21st. Regardless, green is in the air, and arguably should be a hue that regularly occupies your space.

It got me thinking about this magic color, though. How does it help us? How does it motivate us? How does it boost productivity?

For many people, the amount of work before our eyes can be particularly overwhelming. When you’re in an anxiety-ridden, overwhelmed state, it can be especially difficult to calm yourself or to see clearly. By taking into account what colors surround you in this state, you can potentially ease a bit of your stress.

The color green in itself is considered a harmonizing hue, it’s also the easiest on the eyes. In many studies, it’s been shown to create a deep sense of calmness and reassurance. Green is a great color for if you tend to feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. 

A few ways you can create a more green work environment without making any major commitments involve…

Outfitting your workspace with plants.

Whether at home or in the office, surrounding yourself with greenery will boost productivity a newfound sense of serenity.

Don’t just take my word for it, consider this 2014 study from the University of Exeter. The research yielded a grand conclusion which boosts the emphasis on having plants around the office. Researcher Dr. Chris Knight found that employees’ ability to be productive jumped nearly 15% in the presence of some office greenery. 

In fact, the simple gesture of adding one plant per square meter heightened memory retention alongside productivity overall. Knight also emphasized the point that the plants were placed within view of the employees. So, if you’re in a shared space, make sure everybody gets to admire the foliage.

Among the many benefits of surrounding your workspace with plants, they also promote your health while they clean the air! Those leaves are not only decorating your space and promoting efficiency, but they’re naturally supporting an environment with clean air.

Choosing a green upholstery for your task chairs. 

This is a great, simple way to refresh your space, just by introducing a hint of green to your space through the upholstery you choose. 

Many manufacturers offer their task chairs in a variety of greens! Even decorative lounge chairs come in a refreshing hue that can ease your senses in the workplace.

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Introducing a green accent wall to your space. 

If you’re all in for green, this option is great if you’re looking to emphasize the hue on a greater scale. 

Adding a geometric or abstract moment to your walls can gently stimulate you and your peers’ minds on a broader spectrum. This is a great option if you work in a shared workspace where everyone has the opportunity to reap the calming and productivity-boosting benefits of green.

Green is undeniably a great productivity-booster in choosing your color. Whatever color resonates with you and your ability to be productive at work, surround yourself with it! You’d be surprised to find that creating a colorful work environment reaps the best benefits for you and your peers. 

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