Reseat’s Experience at NeoCon 2022

Reseat’s Experience at NeoCon 2022

In case you weren’t in the loop about the commercial furniture and design industry’s most famed event, allow us to familiarize you. It’s a trip, believe us. 

NeoCon is the commercial design industry’s most important event of the year, and has been since 1969. It’s an incredibly fantastic event held in Chicago, Illinois, platforming ideas and new innovations that will help change the commercial environment for decades to come. New designs such as fabrics, flooring, furniture, and technologies are showcased here. It provides a space for the design industry to connect and exchange ideas. 

Despite awards being distributed, it’s not by any means a competition. It’s simply a showcase for the commercial design industry, celebrating all ideas, all contributing to the new ways we can collectively make office spaces around the world a better one. 

This year, NeoCon was held between June 13th and June 15th. More than 400 companies showcased their innovations between those days, bringing fresh ideas to the table. 

Reseat’s appearance, however, was truly a landmark in the commercial furniture industry world, redefining innovation in itself, showcasing not new product, but pre-owned gems and a platform to buy and sell them.

Reseat's booth at Neocon 2022, photo courtesy of Eric Susewitz
MJ Dyson, Brandi Susewitz, and Eric Susewitz of Reseat

Reseat was recognized by NeoCon in three different categories within Innovative Technology:

  • Silver Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Sustainability Award

Following NeoCon, two more awards followed, including a Business Innovation Award and being voted as a Metropolis Magazine Met Likes winner. Though unexpected, all of them remain recognition we’re grateful for. 

Founder and CEO, Brandi Susewitz, had a few comments about Reseat’s experience at NeoCon 2022:

“Starting this company in 2020, we had no idea what was going to happen,” she remarks. “Surely we did not expect to have been recognized on a multitude of platforms, let alone receiving five awards from major sources.” 

By no means are we here to gloat; rather, we take pride in our successes because they yield a source of credibility to our platform. What once started as a question has now come full circle in providing a legitimate source for users to buy and sell their used products. Our platform contributes to a greater cause for the users, landfills, and the earth. 

Reseat’s experience at NeoCon this year was by far one of the greatest opportunities for us to expand our platform and make new connections. 

We had the opportunity to further discuss ways to expand the Reseat ID, a tool developed to log inventory at the point of purchase. When you buy from Reseat or from a partnered manufacturer, you receive the ID at point of purchase, which contains the piece’s backstory in its entirety. 

This includes previous owners and locations, any re-upholstery done to the piece, and any damages or repairs. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, and what the backstory is. 

We also got the opportunity to discuss further developments, of which are extremely exciting.