Level up your gaming and home office spaces with these top-pick seats
Herman Miller Embody "GAMING" Chair

Level up your gaming and home office spaces with these top-pick seats

Companies Like Herman Miller have stepped (or sat, rather) into the world of home offices post-pandemic. Here are just a few of the best chairs for your rear-end.

It’s no secret that when March of 2020 came around and we were forced to pivot many aspects of our lives to revolve around our homes, lots of adaptation came with that. In doing so, we may have taught ourselves a new skill, reconnected with old friends, or even redesigned our spaces. 

The pandemic, as we know, also induced a plethora of struggles for millions of people worldwide. As we reflect upon these struggles, we might also find that it’s worth noting the successes as well, of which involve changing the way we arrange our spaces, what furniture occupies them, what colors speak to us and can help us set into motion the best versions of ourselves.

Our founder and CEO, Brandi Susewitz, has been in the furniture industry for over twenty years. When the orders stopped coming through and all of her projects came to a halt, she and many others knew that there was some major pivoting to be done. It was time for companies like Herman Miller and Humanscale to fill the gaps and find ways to keep the ball rolling in the midst of facing a global pandemic. 

Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair

The Herman Miller Embody Gaming Chair is one worth highlighting. Yes, a gaming chair. All things considered, this chair has got to be one of the most physically supportive seats you can take, given that it was designed specifically for a hobby that is mainly occupied by sitting down. 

Not only was it just rendered for this hobby, but its design is scientifically supported by over thirty physicians, including those with their PHDs specializing in biomechanics, vision, physical therapy, and ergonomics (Herman Miller). So, they weren’t only considering aesthetics in achieving a clean, modern look, but they designed this chair taking into consideration what gamers’ bodies need.

Humanscale Freedom Chair

Described as the “gold standard in office seating” by The New York Times, Humanscale’s Freedom Chair sure does live up to its name, allowing its occupant to move freely if they wish to recline or sit up with a simple shift in weight. It’s an ergonomically efficient chair that conforms to its user’s body, rendering it one of the ultimate comfort havens. It’s also available with or without the headrest. 

The Freedom chair is also a net-positive product, meaning that it’s kind to the environment in more ways than one by being climate, water, and energy positive. That’s a major plus, right? If the decision is made that this is the chair for you, not only can you be kind to your body, but you’re being kind to the environment by purchasing a sustainably-made product.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

For some of us, browsing the office furniture marketplace to invest in a high-quality chair can be a jarring experience. To ease that pressure, Steelcase’s plethora of customization options can provide not only mental comfort, but physical comfort as well. 

Steelcase delivers on supporting practicality and your posture with the Gesture chair. Available in various customized formats including height, backing style, upholstery, framing, base, wheels, and even additional lumbar support, this chair provides you with all the options you didn’t even know you needed.

As previously noted, companies like Herman Miller, Humanscale, and Steelcase made their adjustments in marketing, targeting those who also had to make adjustments in their work life. For many, working from home involves sitting in a chair for extended periods of time, so it’s best that we take into consideration the chairs that will best support our bodies in the ways that we need.

Everybody differs in their physical needs, but one thing is for certain: everyone does need physical support. These are just a few of our highest-recommended chairs when considering ergonomic, scientific, and sustainable factors. Invest in your body, comfort, and your productivity with these picks.