Is this Herman Miller Legit? How to spot the fakes.

Is this Herman Miller Legit? How to spot the fakes.

Herman Miller is a highly sought-out brand. Believe us, we know.

Though it’s relatively uncommon, it’s possible that some illegitimate products circulate the market. We know how to spot them and do our best to pull them out, but if you suspect we missed something and yours might be phony, here’s three things to check on:

The Label

The label is going to be your key indicator of authenticity. It should have a label on the underside of the seat. If it’s authentic, it’ll say “Herman Miller,” and display a five-digit number that starts with a 5. 

Is the label missing from the bottom?

Don’t fret, there are some other ways to assess this chair’s legitimacy. When you encounter any second-hand item, it’s important to note that they are immediately subject to defects, but fear not – they’re easily fixable.

The Design

Herman Miller chairs have a clean, modern aesthetic; it’s pretty distinctive from others. These chairs are made to last between ten and fifteen years – that’s a pretty extensive life cycle! They should be sturdy and strong (especially the base of the chair); they’re not going to crumble at your fingertips.

If you find that the quality of its structure seems weak, but the label is there and displays the correct information, it might just be something fixable. If you got it from us, we can refer you to all the repair solutions. 

As I mentioned, these chairs are very well-made. The material should feel high quality, durable, and as though it was made with top notch craftsmanship. For example, if you’re sitting in an Eames Lounge Chair, note that they’re all made with rosewood veneer. If it’s made with something else such as plywood, it’s a fake.

The Comfort

When you’ve got the chance, take a seat! 

Herman Miller chairs are really keen on the details, even the comfort elements. When you sit in it, is it ergonomically supportive? It should be. These chairs are renowned for their comfort and would be considerably challenging to recreate.