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How to take pictures that will help sell your furniture fast!

Helping the potential buyer get a really good idea of the quality and condition of the furniture helps you make the most money!

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When you are selling your office furniture online, you want to make sure that the potential buyer is getting a really good idea of the quality and condition of the furniture. This is done by taking great photos and providing as much detail about the product as possible.

Remember the buyer isn’t necessarily going to come to your location and physically look at your furniture so it’s important to provide them with as much information as possible so that they can determine if they want to buy your used office furniture or not.

First, make sure you clean your furniture before you photograph it. For example you don’t want to take a picture of your office furniture with all kinds of items on or around it. Remove the clutter and wipe down the surfaces!

Take photos during prime daylight hours. Take eye-level pictures of your furniture’s front, back, and sides. It’s also a good idea to include any unique details about your furniture; the drawer pulls, the fabric or edge detail.

You also want to make sure that you point out any obvious defects with the furniture. You may have 250 Steelcase Leap task chairs you’re selling that are in great condition, but maybe 5 of the chairs have cracked arm pads. You want to make sure you mention this in your description. Being honest and upfront will help avoid any issues.

Lastly, you should take photos of the manufactures sticker label. This is important because it tells us a lot about the furniture. It tells us who the manufacturer is, the manufacturer date, the part number and sometimes it will even give us details on the finishes that were selected.

To find the manufacturer labels on chairs, you want to flip the chair over and you should find a sticker. To find the manufacturer of cubicles or workstations, the stickers are usually in one of these places: under the worksurface, in a pedestal cabinet drawer, an overhead cabinet, or you can pop off a fabric tile to find a manufacturer sticker.

Tell your furniture’s story, this is your moment. Be creative with your sales pitch. Make your listing rich with details!

If you follow these steps you are sure to be successful on our marketplace!

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