Gone are the days of rushing to offload furniture in the frenzy of a move.

Embodying the circular economy framework, Reseat’s platform delivers a service-drive roadmap for the circular lifecycle of furniture with three solutions.

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Reseat Marketplace

An e-commerce site to specify, purchase and sell furniture from a diverse inventory of top brands.

Reseat ID

A detailed inventory tool or “ID” at the point of purchase so that when you are ready to offload your furniture, everything is ready to go.

Reseat ID Enterprise Tool

A membership-based resource for regeneration designed to keep products in use with the ability to intuitively move, sell or donate.


Reseat helps you keep track of your furniture’s unique journey, so that when the time comes to pass it on to its next owner – tomorrow or a year from now – all the details are right at hand. It’s not just an online marketplace; it’s also an Enterprise Tool!

Move, Donate & Sell

Be able to move, donate and sell your inventory.

Live Carbon Data

Our AI software measures how much carbon emissions are saved for each product uploaded.

Let's keep great furniture out of landfills.

Our Mission

Reseat is revolutionizing the office furniture industry with a mission to provide top-quality, pre-loved items and establish a sustainable and circular industry. Fueled by an innovative online marketplace that emerged during the pandemic, they’re leading change towards a more responsible future!


Join the circular economy

Ready to get your assets into the circular economy? Reseat is here to help! Our easy-to-use- platform makes it simple to list your products and get them in front of interested buyers.

Plus, our powerful search engine ensures that your products will be seen by those who are looking for what you’re selling.

To achieve your corporate sustainability goals, join our community of sustainability enthusiasts and create lasting impact on the environment.

Easy planning.

No waste.