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There’s a marketplace plan for every kind of user profile.


Pro Option Plan – you earn 70% of the sale

This is the plan for the Used Office Furniture Pro that does this for a living. Take advantage of our marketplace and increase the visibility of your furniture to the worlds leading companies and design professionals.

We give you all the tools you need to sell your office furniture and give you the platform to communicate directly with potential buyers.

We’re also here for you with Free On-Line Chat Support too.

Personal Option – you earn 30% of the net profit

One-on-one service, working side-by-side with you to help build a great looking store front.

Simply send us your photos, fill out our information form and we post your inventory and communicate with potential buyers and only involve you when your furniture is ready for pick up or shipping.

Our Corporate Option is a Full Service Plan – your company earns 15% of the net profit

We do all the leg work get involved with every aspect of selling your office furniture.

This is a great plan for large organizations to take advantage of our expert team of professionals without having to create a PO and process an invoice for our services. Your company also gets some cashback to cover any other internal related handling costs incurred.

Yes, Stripe’s processing fee is 3%.

If your furniture is in good condition the general rule is starting at 20 cents on the dollar. Examples below: 

Steelcase Leap task chairs purchased new for $899.00 each you would want to sell at about $178.00 each 

Haworth Planes Height Adjustable Table purchased new for $765.00 you would want to sell at about $153.00 each 

Herman Miller 8’ x 8’ workstations with 64”H panels, (1) box/box/file pedestal, (1) file/file pedestal, (1) closed 48”W overhead shelf, (1) task light purchased new for $4,325.00 each you would want to sell it at $865.00 each. 

Some items keep their value a lot better than other items. For instance Herman Miller Aeron chairs 

We will give you a full refund if your items never ships or does not match the listing description. Otherwise, all sales are final. 

When you purchase through Reseat we don’t release payment to the seller until you tell us you’ve received your order as described. You have three days after delivery to inform us if the items have been misrepresented by reporting the problem to us at

The answer is everyone and anyone. Connect directly with the Owner of the Furniture.

All users can send each other messages. This works in two ways:

From the users profile (that they wish to contact) by clicking contact button under their profile OR from the sellers listing through the contact button on the right hand side. If a message is sent this way the listing information will be automatically. included in the message. The message will be sent through the marketplace directly to the users marketplace inbox. The user will also get a notification in their e mail inbox

Please note that admins have the option to view messages between users

  1. Remove the clutter
  2. Make sure you have good lighting
  3. Wipe down surfaces
  4. Take lots of photos from every position, make sure to include photos of any important details; edge detail, fabric close up, drawer pulls or any photos of manufacture labels also helps.
  5. Take any photos and provide details of any defects. Honesty is always the best policy and we have found that people don’t mind as much as long as they are clear on what they are purchasing and it’s condition .

If you e-mail us a picture of the item at usually that is enough for us to tell you who the manufacture is. Or you can always look under the chair works-surface or in a drawer. There should be a manufacturer’s sticker located there.

Ideally, we would say about two months but that could change depending on what it is. We definitely try to encourage people to post their inventory as soon as they know they won’t be needing it so that you can have better luck with selling the items. Conveniently we offer a feature where you can specify the exact dates your items are available. The key to getting the most money for your items is to post them as early as you can so that you can be sure to get people interested in your inventory.

A licensed electrician needs to “safe off” the power and this is normally covered and coordinated by the seller.

No problem! You are able to set your minimum quantity that you are willing to sell at a time.

You can hire us to provide you with a detailed inventory for an additional fee. Prices are quoted on a per-project basis 

You can contact us at 

If you are located in Northern California one of our team members can come out to your site to perform the inventory. If you are not local we can connect you with one of our dealer partners located in your area who can perform the inventory for you. 

The listing image has a recommended size of 700 x 467 pixels.

No you can upload as many images as you would like.

No, Clear Office uses the products stock photos to try and keep the marketplace looking clean on the landing page.

You will have to create a new listing for each item. If you would like our assistance with this please reach out to us and we would be happy to help!

Please allow 6-8 hours (max) for your items to be listed. We personally look at each inventory before posting to our platform to make sure that your items are being represented in the best way. If there are any changes or alterations we think you should make we will let you know. 

After each sale the buyer is prompted to rate their experience and the feedback is made public for buyers and sellers to see. 

As a general rule we say no, please don’t expect them. Keys are something that are very hard to keep track of and often get lost in the move process. If you are missing keys and would like to order some you can order directly from Easy Keys and they can sell you keys for any manufacture.

Before you purchase an inventory it’s important to know that it fits your space. Furthermore, furniture install companies do not install furniture without an install drawing.

If you don’t have a designer you like to work with you, Schedule a quick start session with us. We’ll walk you through what we need to get started on you space plan.

You can get the CAD (.dwg) file from your architect or property manager.

We are a full service furniture dealership with a team of experts to help you. We specialize in furniture layouts and quick test fits. Schedule a session with our designer.

There are a couple of options. You can search our marketplace for more of the same TYPE of product ie; Haworth Premise stations and we could provide you with a quote to have the product refurbished to match as closely as possible or you can always contact the manufacture directly and they can direct you to the dealer in your area who can then provide you with pricing to supplement with new. 

It’s always ideal to find an inventory within driving distance because you have the benefit of viewing the furniture’s overall condition or you could go ahead and purchase feeling comfortable with our money back guarantee.

The buyer is responsible for the labor costs. 

You can either chose to include tear down, transport and installation costs at check out or you can coordinate the labor on your own if you have someone in particular that you like to deal with. 

Yes we do have the capability to warehouse furniture for you at an additional charge. Please contact us for a free estimate

We offer refurbishing services. Of course it is an additional charge but it can be done!

Yes we do. You can add white glove delivery to your shopping cart for orders up to 1000 LBS. We also provide delivered and installed pricing included with an approved floor plan.

Reseat is a FULL SERVICE CONTRACT FURNITURE DEALERSHIP with over 200 new product lines as well as a team of experts on staff to help you with any size project. Contact Us