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Extending the Life Cycle: Three Sustainable Furniture Manufacturers to Look Out For

As the world continues to progress in a more sustainable direction, we begin to wonder about the future of manufacturing. How will it become increasingly environmentally friendly? In a perfect world, companies will be producing products at net-zero and this thing we call waste would be a thing of the past.  

When it comes to furniture design, however, there are many companies venturing down the sustainability route, exploring ways to produce their furniture with a fraction of the waste, sometimes with none at all. 

At Reseat, we’re not really for buying new furniture. If you’ve got the option to explore second-hand options, that’s to be prioritized. However, this then begs the question: what happens when the lifecycle runs out and there’s no more furniture left to purchase second, third, or fourth-hand? 

If you are to consume new pieces, however, it’s best to choose a company that cares about maintaining a sustainable future as much as we do.

Here are three companies producing furniture with sustainability in mind, one chair at a time:


Coalesse sits as a part of Steelcase, offering a space for contemporary, modern office furniture to sit in its own spotlight. 

Coalesse’s sustainability goals align with the same ones as Steelcase, and sit alongside numerous awards for sustainability, including BIFMA and ISO 14001 certification. Coalesse and Steelcase together have been able to achieve carbon neutrality by 2020, and an immense reduction in greenhouse gasses by 34%. Landfill waste has been reduced by 36%, and an 83% reduction in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). 

With the future of design in mind, Coalesse sets their sights on further goals that will better contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing network. 

All information gathered from the Coalesse website.


Beginning in 1947, Hon has continuously emphasized the need for keen control on furniture life cycle, from start to finish. They focus on utilizing materials that already circulate the office world, creating pieces with already existing materials. Talk about upcycling. They’ve got parallel goals to Coalesse, including chasing a zero-waste to landfill goal, depletion in greenhouse gas emissions, and sourcing 100% renewable electricity. How cool is that?

Once you’re done with the product, they can be disassembled and recycled accordingly. They’re partnered with EPA SmartWay Shipping as well, which saves fuel and reduces emissions. Hon also carries BIFMA certifications, including a Level 2 certificate and three Level 3 certificates.

Sounds like they are on the right track to creating a sustainable future in furniture manufacturing. 

All information gathered from the Hon website.

Davies Office

Davies Office is a long-time contributor to the office furniture industry’s sustainability route. Also BIFMA certified, Davies Office is a great contributor to steering waste from landfill. They were one of the first members of the US Green Building Council. 

Davis Office was also coined as one of the only three companies to be awarded Greenbuild’s prestigious Leadership Award for excellence in sustainability. They are incredibly transparent about the specific processes utilized in maintaining a sustainable manufacturing method. For example, they are able to minimize the production of solid waste through an advanced cutting process that gets the most out of what material is being used. 

All information gathered from the Davies Office website.

In sum

Should newly-manufactured furniture be your priority when searching for pieces to fit your space? No. The most sustainable solution is by purchasing second-hand and extending the life cycle of the piece that is already in existence. 

Pursuing net-zero waste, reducing carbon emissions, utilizing the materials that are already existing are all ways these companies maintain sustainable manufacturing, and support the life cycle of furniture. And, when you’re done, run them by us to resell.