RESEAT has a plan that works the way you want to work

RESEAT has a plan that works the way you want to work

How it works

Welcome to your one-stop platform to sell, register, & track the life-cycle of commercial furniture. Reseat is a marketplace, yes, but it’s also a tool to aggregate and track all the little threads that tell your furniture’s backstory, so that when you’re ready to sell — tomorrow, or 12 months from now — everything is ready to go.

Let’s get started with the plan that works for you.

ReseatID is a tool for brands, dealers, architects, & designers to register, buy, & sell commercial furniture on a digital marketplace — giving it a second life.

As a partner across the market ecosystem, we work with dealers & manufacturers to give their customers a plan for the whole lifecycle of their furniture, right at point of purchase.

Think of it this way: ReseatID helps people sell their furniture before they buy it, & make sure there’s a plan to keep it out of landfills. We’re proud to be the first digital resource to provide such a service.

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