Our Story

All furniture has a unique backstory. It’s something that we celebrate, and frankly, are a bit obsessed with. But how did we — that’s me, Brandi, and my husband Eric — get here? That’s a story with its own twists and turns.

 I’ve been in the office furniture industry for over twenty years (my husband has too). We love the work environment, and think it should be as comfortable and playful as it is productive. We never imagined we’d pivot and start our own business together, but sometimes necessity, as the saying goes, is the mother of invention. 

Like many folks in the US, we were really affected by the pandemic. The industry that we loved seemed to be uprooted overnight: with the future of the workplace deeply uncertain, no one was buying new office furniture, and the projects I had in my pipeline had been put on hold or cancelled. I considered changing my profession altogether. But then something happened. 

I read an article with a statistic that made my jaw drop: each year, 17 billion pounds of office furniture ends up in a landfill. And with the pandemic, I could see that number getting much larger.  Why was the pre-owned furniture market like this? How could it be that, in 2020, there was no online marketplace for second life office furniture, where an order could be placed on the spot? I knew in my heart that it was the perfect time to rethink the industry. 

I often found myself alongside facilities managers and PMs running into the same problem: relocating an entire office space with no set plan for the furniture they’ve outgrown. Managers are so preoccupied with planning a new space, they don’t think about this furniture stock until a month before occupancy (if we’re being generous). So they pay to get it carted to a landfill, or for a broker to rush it to market at the last minute (read: cart it to a landfill). Either way, they’re at the mercy of their vacate date, and a system that treats beautiful, built-to-last furniture like a Bic lighter.

Since reading that statistic, I’ve made Reseat my mission. It would be the first online marketplace for second-life office furniture, and a first step toward a more sustainable, circular industry. It’s been a huge undertaking, and Eric and I are deeply thankful to everyone who’s helped shepherd this vision into being. We hope you’ll join us too.